If you need a home inspection in Edmonton, contact the experts from Fortified Home Inspections to ensure a quality process from start to finish. Fortified provides visible, non-invasive inspections without damaging the home’s finishes or having to move furniture or wall coverings. Searching for dangerous situations, structural concerns and anything else that may affect the value of the home you’re thinking about buying is the prime goal of your inspection.

Consider everything you’ll get when you contact Fortified for your home inspection in Edmonton:

- An affordable service that guarantees a complete inspection of the home in question, including thermal imaging that is able to reveal posture and insulation concerns other inspection methods are not always able to reveal. These are issues that are often hidden to the naked eye; for example, drywall that feels dry but is hiding a moisture problem just behind the surface.

- With Fortified Home Inspections, you’ll also receive a free follow-up inspection after you’ve taken possession of the home. Fortified knows it’s not always possible to inspect every part of a home, which is why they’ll come back and inspect the items that were unattainable at the initial inspection; for example, a roof that was covered in snow during the first inspection.

- If you should require home inspection services in Edmonton at a future time, you’ll receive 10% off of your next call to Fortified Home Inspections. If your negotiations fall through for the home you had inspected, Fortified will be there at your side during your next home buying process with affordable rates.

If your home requires a septic system inspection, Fortified Home Inspections offers two types: Fundamental inspections and Maintenance inspections. Farm homes or acreage with a private septic system rely on Fortified for Maintenance inspections to ensure everything is in working order. Schedule service by calling 780-919-9464 today.

Your home inspection in Edmonton should not be considered 100% inclusive of the components of the house, however even though Fortified is unable to inspect sections of the home that they cannot see, they do a terrific job of inspecting what they can. Understanding the limitations of a home inspection in Edmonton will contribute to a positive experience for clients. A home inspection will also go along way toward helping you purchase a home while armed with the knowledge that you’re not simply buying a book by its cover.

The cost of a home inspection can be considered one of the best investments you can possibly make on the purchase of your new home. Many home buyers who skipped the inspection process have found that the cost of the inspection would have been much more affordable than the renovations they had to make down the road. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Fortified Home Inspections provides peace of mind during the home buying prices. Call 780-919-9464 for an affordable home inspection in Edmonton. Book your service at a time that’s convenient to you and rest easy knowing the professionals are on the job.

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