Drop Those Gutter Extensions!

This post is going to be quick and simple and if you own a home you need to listen up!

One of the more common things I see when doing home inspections is gutter down spouts that are dropping water right beside the foundation of the house. If you have a steep, gravel slope where the water drops, then you probably won’t have a problem as the water will run off right away. But most houses don’t, which is why those downspouts have extensions added to them.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many homes where those extensions have been raised up and aren’t being used. I understand people raise them up so they’re not a trip hazard. But I’m pretty sure most people aren’t using their backyards right now, so those extensions should be dropped down. There’s a lot snow melting off your roof and all that water is either going to soak into the ground beside your foundation…or your extension is going to direct it away. You'd be amazed how much water comes running off your roof over the course of a spring!

Even after your roof is free of snow, leave those extensions down. In the part of the Edmonton area where I live, we’ve been having snow at night and melting during the day, so leave those extensions down to get that water away! Your home will thank you and your basement has a much better chance of staying dry!

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